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Ultimate custom clock (UCCW) apk: Android apps & widgets free downloads!

Your clock, your layout, your fonts, your skins. The ultimate tool for clocks. Make your clock and more - the sy way. For skins visit website. Rl fun is on there. "This is the type of app that designers tend to flock to, as it gives them an outlet to share their styles and influences through tons of Android devices. " - Droid-life

***..............Clock not updating is an issue with the stock MIUI v4 launcher. Its not apps fault. Use different launcher...............***

"UCCW is an app that will allow you to crte a custom clock in minutes, thus satisfying your O’s every whim regarding aesthetics" - xda-developers
"Ultimate custom clock app is very flexible and sy to use" -
"UCCW(Ultimate Custom Clock Widget), is the hottest new appliion for crting homescreen widgets for time, date, wther, and many more informative items in almost any configuration your brain can conjure up." -
" For people with O, this App just perfect - for all others it is very bold and very useful." -

Ultimate custom clock (UCCW) apkDownload Now

UCCW ftures a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. The ftures
0) No hassle with xml. Simple editor.
1) Set fonts from sd-card. Fonts should be in sdcard/fonts folder.
2) Set custom backgrounds made in , gimp or paint from gallery or file browsers.
3) Set custom clock hands made in , gimp or paint.
4) Set how you want the members (day of the month, month, yr, day of the week, hour, minute, etc) to appr in the clock.
5) use shapes.
5a) Interesting options like series clock, battery bar and battery circle.
6) wther info from google wther api.
7) Different wther s during night.
8) complex members like week bar and battery bar with two modes - solid and bar..
8a) Notifiion of missed calls and text messages.
9) Export your designs for sy sharing.
10) Import skins.
11) Widgets adjust irrespective of screen size. Simply resize widgets to your preferred size.
12) configure app to open alarm upon touching widget. When app is configured so, UCCW editor can be opened from the launcher to enable edit mode.

How it works:1) Download Uccw app & skins, Archive Skin first On your Sdcard by using AndroZip.2) INSTALL UCCW open widget from home screen3) Select Uccw widget ,now new menu open, presh left button on SGM & click on Import skins select skins & apply

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