Saturday, May 21, 2016

Helium Boy apk: New Android 3D games apk free download

Original 3D platform game for Android. Helium Boy is an original 3D platform game for Android, inspired by classic games like Balloon Fight and Balloon Kid. Use your helium filled balloons to fly through diverse, colorful environments and collect all the stars. Watch out for birds, ninjas and spi things and don't fall into the water!
Helium Boy apk: New Android 3D games apk free download
Helium Boy ftures full 3D graphics with a cute artstyle. 8 challenging stages, all with unique environments and different types of gameplay. Full 3D gameplay, as well as a couple of traditional sidescrolling stages. Two difficulty modes: in beginner mode you can play the stages at you own pace and sily collect all the stars, but in normal mode the screen is scrolling automatically and constantly forces you to move forward, so you have to find the perfect route to get all the stars before they lve the screen.
Download Now: Helium Boy apkControls: The game can be played with an onscreen gamepad or with a harware board or gamepad. Touch the directional pad to move in the character in any direction. Press the Jump button reptedly to fly with the balloons. If the balloons pop, press the Pump button to get new ones, or jump around without them. You can also let go of the balloons at any time by pressing the Drop button. XPERIA PLAY Optimized If the game runs slowly, try reducing the screen size in the options menu. If you run into a bug plse have some patience and understand that I'm just one guy with (very) limited resources; I can't test the game on every possible hardware, but I'll do the best I can. Instd of just lving a bad review, plse contact me and I'll try to fix it.

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