Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hyperlight HD armv6 qvga apk: Android HD games apk for armv6 qvga free downloads!

Rdy for Hyperlight? Go faster than light and destroy everything on your way! Hyperlight has got nominations for "Most Innovative Game of the Yr" and "Xperia PLAY Game of the Yr" from Pocket Gamer! Hyperlight HD armv6 qvga apk: Android HD games apk for armv6 qvga free downloads!

- From iPhone and iPad now finally on your Android device!
- Highly optimized for Android TEGRA tablets and high-end smart!
- Works well also on older Android smart.
- Hyperlight is reborn with virtual joystick support and many improvements!-
- Xperia PLAY optimized!

You control a stylized spaceship in a virtualized cosmic environment where evil beings try to rch you in order to turn off the last human hope. However your ship, the Hyperlight, posses a special power! if successfully used, it can wipe out all your foes: it can travel at faster-than-light speed (FTL) making it impossible for anyone to ch it and is also able to disintegrate everything it touches!
With simple gestures, you can move the Hyperlight at regular speed but also turn on its FTL engine to perform incredibly rapid attacks!
Controls are simple and you can choose from touch only controls, tilt only or the exotic tilt & touch.
There are also dozens of power-ups and wpons you can sily activate simply by gathering them on the battlefield: the Hyperlight ship is able to use them automatically. Hyperlight is sy to play but hard to master, there are so many ways to improve your skills that you will find yourself playing it for months! For a complete list of all the gameplay secrets of this game see the guide (11 pages!) included!
Can you survive these incredible hordes of enemies?
Enemies will try to do everything to stop you, assuming several attack formations, different strategies, also lving powerful dimensional trails on the battlefield that only at FTL speed you can cross!
And watch out for the evil commanders: huge bosses await the Hyperlight in the dark corners of the universe!

Download: Armv6 qvga apk

Compatible Devices: Galaxy mini, pop, gio, fit, ace, 5, x10 mini pro, x8, optimus one, wildfire s & all the qvga devices having armv6 processor. All hvga & wvga devices.

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